• Goolawah National Park - Crescent Head

    Crescent Head NSW 2440, Australia .

    Stunning long beaches and scenery. The best place in the world to just unwind.

    Come and be captivated by the uncrowded beaches and pristine headlands of Goolawah National Park, near Kempsey on the NSW North Coast. Roaming through these coastal surroundings, you can't help feeling you've landed in a place
    untouched by time.

    Comprising a narrow strip of mostly beachfront land, the park runs south from the outskirts of Crescent Head village to Racecourse Headland, where it links with Goolawah Regional Park.

    Here, biological diversity combines with significant Aboriginal heritage. The beaches are secluded and pure, bounded by exquisite native plant life rather than carparks or cafes. A left-hand point break beckons to surfers, while spectacular rocky shores, reefs and a lagoon provide the ideal setting for snorkeling or swimming. Go birdwatching or whale watching, spot dolphins and turtles, or scan the bush for koalas or dingoes.

  • Crescent Head Bakery

    12 Main Street Crescent Head .

    Probably the best bakery in the world. Three generations of bakers serve up the best bakery food.

    Its not only us that thinks so.... click here to view all the trip advisor reviews.

  • Crescent Head Country Club Bowls and Golf Course

    1 Rankine St Crescent Head .

    One of the most scenic golf courses going around. After a hard day on the Golf Course hit the Country Club which is an institution in the area. Very friendly and great food.

    The Crescent Head Country Club offers a choice of two fantastic dining destinations are on offer; Bumpa’s Bistro (Modern Australian Cuisine - Upstairs) or Bamboo Vick's Chinese Restaurant (Authentic Chinese and Seafood Destination – Downstairs).

    For the sporting enthusiast; golf (motorised carts available), bowls, pool or tennis (fishing, swimming, surfing & water sports).

    They also have over 10 Beers on Tap, Fox Sports, Full TAB facilities (All the latest electronic guides), Sky Channel, Keno, ATM’s, Club Library & Disabled Toilet

    Click here for more information and up to date events.

  • The Green Room

    2 Rankine Street Crescent Head .

    For the freshest food and the most delightful service the green room rocks.

  • Hat Head

    Hill Street Hat Head .

    Very good fishing and wonderful scenic walks can be had from this secluded village.

  • Crescent Head Aquatic Centre and Gym

    Baker Drive Crescent head .

    The smallest, the best and by far the most friendly family run pool you will ever come across. Two Olympic swimmers have come out of this tiny pool. Say hello to Mason a second generation coach who should be coaching in the top squads in Australia but loves the Crescent Head lifestyle too much to leave.

  • Delicate Knobby

    Goolwah National park .

    Awesome swim and surfing spot. Great rock jumping.

  • Gladstone Village

    Gladstone NSW .

    A tiny iconic village full of shops and things to explore.

  • Slim Dusty Visitor Centre

    490 Macleay Valley Way, South Kempsey NSW 2440 .

    A large monument that gives a fascinating look into the life of Australia's most iconic country singer Slim Dusty who was born in Kempsey and would have frequented the shores of Crescent Head through his life.

  • Billabong Koala Park

    61 Billabong Drive .

    Award winning Billabong Zoo is New South Wales premier regional wildlife  park that allows you to get close up to all of the animals.

    You can pat and photograph these magnificent marsupials in the Koala Breeding Centre after each of the shows which are held daily at 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm. 

  • Crescent Head National Surfing Reserve

    Crescent Head .

    Crescent Head was the first stop for surfers heading north from Sydney in pursuit of the perfect wave.  Since the 1950's, surfers have been attracted to this area to experience the quality of the wave and the unique natural environment.  The coastal beauty and pristine beaches of Crescent Head continue to attract surfers and visitors from throughout Australia and overseas.  

    Crescent head, traditional country of the Dunghutti people, is home to osprey, sea eagles, pelicans, dolphins and migrating whales.  

    National Surfing Reservers recognise sites of cultural and historical significance in Australian surfing.  They acknowledge the surfing way of the life and link past, present and future generations with our oceans, waves and coastlines.  

    The Crescent Head Community asks you to SHARE RESPECT AND PRESERVE.  

    Click here for Crescent Head National Surfing Reserve Video

    On Australian Surfing Coast Website there is more information:

    Crescent Head is one of the few places in Australia where the spirit of the 1960s surfing counter-culture lives on, an easy-going “share the ocean” vibe still embraced by the local surfing tribes.

    Along this magical stretch of coastline north of Port Macquarie are four perfect right-hand point-breaks, tailor-made for malibu riders, grommets and beginners and capable of generating miracle rides of up to 250 metres. Six northern corners along here also produce anything from crazy left-hand wedges to gentle blue fun in the sun. 

    About halfway between Crescent Head and Point Plomer is the brilliantly named Delicate Nobby, a wedge-shaped rock formation that starts just off the beach and spears out into the Pacific. There are rideable beach breaks either side with solid banks that can deliver a fair bit of grunt. 

    The campground here (west side of Point Plomer Road) is easy to drive past unawares and it’s an ideal stop-off for anyone on a camping surf safari. Crescent Head’s main campground is situated right on the headland by its famous postcard break. 

    In June 2008, Crescent Head, home of the Dunghutti people, was declared a National Surfing Reserve, the fourth site in Australia to be recognised for its special significance to surfing.

  • Crescent Head Malibu Classic

    Crescent Head Beach .

    THURSDAY 24 MAY 2018 TO SUNDAY 26 MAY 2019

    Crescent Head Malibu Club presents the Crescent Head Malibu Classic at Killick Beach, Crescent Head.

    In the 1960s, longboarders surfing north along the coast found the home of one of the longest and most classic point breaks in the world. National parks, nature reserves and the Pacific Ocean border Crescent Head, and its cobblestone point is famous.

    Event organisers respectfully acknowledge the Dunghutti People as the traditional custodians of the Crescent Head region and welcome them, competitors, families, friends, kids, locals, mates, media, spectators and visitors to the annual Crescent Head Malibu Classic.

    Proceeds support local community groups.

    For more information:

  • Head to Head Walk Run

    Crescent Head Beach .


    The Head to Head Walk Run Event is a Healthy Communities activity held along Killick Beach, Crescent Head. The event is held by the Lions Club of Crescent Head to raise funds this year for Diabetes New South Wales.

    Teams, families and individuals of all ages have the chance to walk or run five, 10 or 20 kilometres, as an individual or a team of four.

    Please refer to the website for full program details.

    For more information: