The Sun Worship villas show how eco-designed buildings can be both stunningly beautiful and thoroughly liveable. These five Crescent Head holiday homes place a tiny resource footprint on our planet, making them world-class examples of green housing. They use recyclable building materials, such as rammed earth walls, and employ passive heating and cooling design to maintain a perfect living temperature.

The villas' interior layout is superb for holiday living (and temperature-controlling airflow). Doors and wall panels can be opened up, providing the sensation of being in an even larger indoor-outdoor space. The intelligent design enables a large family (and your doggie too!) to be comfortably accommodated, depending on the villa.

All our villas are independent of each other.  They each have their own outside enclosed courtyard with outside shower and toilet.  Villas 1, 2, 3 and 4 all have their own spas in the courtyard.  They are all double story with slightly different configuration upstairs.  Downstairs they all have a kitchen/lounge area and a bunk room which can sleep 6 persons.  The bunk rooms are designed for children or a maximum of 4 adults. 

All villas include free wifi internet, dishwasher, washing machine/dryer and large plasma tv.

Sun Worship is the perfect holiday rental accommodation in Crescent Head, suiting couples, families and groups.  We provide pet friendly accommodation in Crescent Head and the ideal surfing Crescent Head holiday destination. 

​Family holiday accommodation is accommodated by providing 1 or more villa with queen beds upstairs and great kids bunk room downstairs.  Villa One provides the perfect getaway in Crescent Head for couples as it has one large upstairs bedroom with the outside spa for a romantic evening under the stars.  Groups coming to Crescent Head enjoy the outside courtyard with BBQ.   Although we have a 2 night minimum stay in the accommodation we will provide exceptions to the rule with a small surcharge so that you don't miss out on your overnight stay in Crescent Head.